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Experience the Purity of Puvi! Use code 'PUVI5' for a 5% discount on your first order.    Note: Delivery times may vary due to our village location.

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What You Need to Know About Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

You've probably heard of cold pressed oil by now. And if you've already chosen a favorite oil and swear by it, there's a good chance it's cold pressed. Those of us, who haven't yet adopted a preferred type of oil for our cooking needs, may want to consider having cold pressed groundnut oil as part of your pantry staples.

Groundnut oil is the ideal cooking medium for many dishes across different regions, ranging from South Indian cuisine to Thai dishes. With its subtle flavor and sweet aroma, groundnut oil has always been a popular choice among chefs and home cooks alike. But now that cold pressed groundnut oil has become readily available, its nutritious qualities have made it even more indispensable.

In this article we'll explore what makes cold pressed groundnut oil so special, from its production process to its notable health benefits and culinary uses.

What Is Cold-Pressed Groundnut Oil?

When it comes to cooking oil, cold pressed groundnut oil is an increasingly popular choice. But what is it exactly, and what makes it so beneficial?

Cold pressed groundnut oil is made simply by pressing the groundnuts and extracting their oils without introducing any additional heat or chemicals. As a result, you get oils that retain all of their natural nutrients, including essential fatty acids and antioxidants that have proven health benefits.

Its nutty taste and high smoke point also make it an ideal choice for light sauteing or frying  to bring out the natural flavors of food without overpowering them. What's more, it's a healthy source of fat with no cholesterol or trans fat content.

So, cold pressed groundnut oil is a versatile cooking choice that offers all the nutrients of the nut plus delicious flavor and excellent health benefits.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

Groundnut oil is a nutrient-packed powerhouse that you’ll want to have in your kitchen. It contains an impressive array of healthy fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that can benefit your heart health, body weight and digestion. Here’s what you need to know about how cold pressed groundnut oil can benefit your health:

  • Fatty Acid Composition: Cold pressed groundnut oil is a great source of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. It has lower levels of saturated fat than other cooking oils, making it a healthier choice for heart health.

  • Vitamin E and Other Antioxidants: Groundnut oil is also a good source of tocopherols or Vitamin E, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease. This oil also contains other antioxidants like phytosterols, which help boost the immune system.

  • Other Nutrients: Groundnut oil provides other essential nutrients like magnesium and potassium, as well as plant sterols which help reduce cholesterol levels. There are also traces of B vitamins present in this oil, as well as vitamins A and D which can help protect the skin from UV damage and promote healthy vision.

Overall, cold pressed groundnut oil is a great addition to your diet due to its many beneficial properties. By incorporating it into your daily meals or using it for cooking, you can easily reap the benefits it has to offer!

But aside from its culinary uses, cold pressed groundnut oil has some major health benefits:

Reduced risk of heart disease

Groundnut oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. Studies have linked these fatty acids to reduced levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides which can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Better blood sugar control

Research has also shown that regular consumption of groundnut oil could help lower blood sugar levels and provide better glycemic control for those with insulin resistance or prediabetes.

Improved digestion

Groundnut oil contains dietary fibers that can help keep your digestive system healthy by acting as prebiotics that promote good bacteria growth in the gut. These fibers have also been linked to helping with symptoms like abdominal pain and constipation.

Other potential benefits

The other potential health benefits attributed to cold pressed groundnut oil include reducing inflammation, boosting immunity and providing potential cancer protection as well as promoting healthier hair and skin.

Tips for Cooking With Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

If you're looking for a healthy and delicious cooking oil, you can't go wrong with cold pressed groundnut oil! It's packed with Omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your cold pressed groundnut oil when cooking:

  1. Add flavor to dishes : Cold pressed groundnut oil has a rich nutty flavor which adds depth to any dish. Try stirring some into your favorite marinades or salad dressings for an intense flavor boost.

  2. Use as a finishing oil :  Drizzle over finished dishes like soups, sauces and stews to add extra flavor and texture, the nutty aroma will tantalize your taste buds!

  3. High-temperature cooking: Cold pressed groundnut oil has a high smoke point of 169°C making it ideal for high-temperature cooking methods such as frying, sautéing, and roasting.

  4. Storage: Cold pressed groundnut oil should be stored in a cool, dark place to prevent oxidation and rancidity. It can be stored in the refrigerator to prolong its shelf life.

In conclusion, cold pressed groundnut oil is an excellent addition to your diet and can offer many benefits. Its high smoke point makes it a great choice for cooking, while its high levels of oleic acid and vitamin E make it a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory tool. It also provides essential fatty acids which are key to healthy cell structure. Cold pressed groundnut oil is a versatile, nutrient-rich oil that should be part of your pantry staples.


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