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Puvi Pancha Diya oil is what we bring forward from Indian tradition. Since ancient times, oil lamps have been lit in our homes and places of worship to create a peaceful environment and seek the blessings of Gods. It is considered auspicious to light oil Deepams/Diyas at the beginning of any ceremony. Lighting lamp is also believed to ward off grief and sorrow, bestow knowledge and remove darkness from our lives.

Puvi Pancha Diya oil is a blend of five pure and natural oils - Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Cow Ghee, Castor Oil and Mahua Oil. Use it as Deepam oil or Pooja Oil at the place of worship or light up Diya in the living room to invite positive energy in your home. This oil is specially made for lighting lamps and hence is not intended for edible use.

Quality Assured

100% Natural

No Artificial Fragrance

No Soot

We maintain an all-natural production process and use only the best quality oils to bring the blend of Pancha Diya Oil. We ensure that necessary precautions are taken to offer you the best oil to suit the requirements of auspicious requirements at your home. There may be a minor difference in aroma and colour across batches, which is entirely because we don’t standardise our oils artificially.


What is this Puvi Pancha Diya Oil made of?
Can Puvi Pancha Diya Oil be used for cooking/eating?
Can Puvi Pancha Diya Oil be used for meditation?

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