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Puvi Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from Coconut milk. The oil is extracted using the most sophisticated process available. In this wet method of extraction, centrifugal force rather than heat is used to extract oil from pure Coconut Milk. All the goodness of coconut is delivered into the oil. The oil will be clear and thin like water, with a fresh and obvious coconut aroma.

Puvi Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is extracted from sun-dried coconut kernels without any chemical processes.

Both varieties of Puvi Coconut Oils are plain and pure coconut oils without any chemical ingredients or Sulphur treatment. We use coconuts from reliable farms to ensure purity. The naturally occurring rich aroma, flavour, and taste of the coconut are preserved. The product comes from a family-run business that's been in agriculture for centuries. PUVI means Earth, a reminder of the soil we so value.

Please note the oil will be cloudy, with a mild tinge of yellow. It can also have flecks of white floating in cool temperatures and fully freeze if cold. That is not a matter of concern. It’s a sign of the purity of the Coconut Oil.

Quality Assured

100% Natural

No Chemicals


We maintain an all-natural production process and don’t standardise our oils using artificial colours or essences. There may be a minor difference in aroma and colour across batches. Foaming/Frothing can happen during deep frying in any cold pressed, raw oil. It's because of excessive moisture in food and oil heat. Try frying a small ball of tamarind first to prevent frothing.


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