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Our groundnut oil is an all-purpose, healthy cooking choice. PUVI means Earth, a reminder of the soil we so value. Our Cold Pressed oils come from a family-run business that's been in agriculture for centuries. We take care to source groundnuts that are not malformed, rotten or stored for a long time (thus avoiding noxious pesticides to keep off pests). The oil is unrefined and clarified naturally. This keeps nutrients intact. The oil may appear a bit cloudy or have tiny sediments at the bottom of the bottle; but it is not a cause of concern. This is not a mass production oil, it's a really pure handcrafted oil made for discerning customers who appreciate quality.

Quality Assured

100% Natural

No Chemicals


We maintain an all-natural production process and don’t standardise our oils using artificial colours or essences. There may be a minor difference in aroma and colour across batches. Foaming/Frothing can happen during deep frying in any cold pressed, raw oil. It's because of excessive moisture in food and oil heat. Try frying a small ball of tamarind first to prevent frothing.


What is Cold Pressed Oil? How is it different from Refined oils?
What kind of cooking can I do with Puvi Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil?
Is Puvi Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil healthier than Refined Oils?
Why is Puvi Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil so expensive?
Why does the oil look a bit cloudy?
Why is there froth when the oil is heated?
Why is the weight of 1-litre oil lesser than 1 Kg?

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