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Experience the Purity of Puvi! Use code 'PUVI5' for a 5% discount on your first order.    Note: Delivery times may vary due to our village location.

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Why Groundnut Oil is Good for Health?

Groundnut Oil needs no introduction in Indian households. Whether for deep frying, sauteing, or for grilling, majority of Indian cooking is done with Groundnut oil. And why not. Groundnut Oil benefits range from the delicious mild-nutty flavours to the multiferous health benefits to our body.

If we look at the benefits of Groundnuts, that is testamount to the health benefits of groundnut oil as well. Groundnuts are rich in nutrients like Protein, Fat, Vitamins and Minerals. Vitamin E present in Groundnuts acts as antioxidants in the body and fight against free radicals providing various anti-ageing benefits. Many other advantages of Groundnuts or Groundnut oils are discussed in the following paragraphs.

However, before discussing the benefits of Groundnut Oil, we must take into account the two major types of Groundnut oil viz- Refined Groundnut Oil and Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil. All of us have heard of these two types. So what are they and how exactly do the benefits differ between the two of them? 

Refined Groundnut Oil Vs Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil: Why Groundnut Oil is Good for Health?

  1. Refined Groundnut Oil

    Refined Groundnut Oil is extracted using very high temperatures (upto 200 degrees Celsius) at machines in factories. Further to extraction, the oil undergoes several processing methods including chemical additives to refine, bleach and deodorize the oil. This results in an oil that is devoid of any nutrients, flavours and aroma. The extreme processing can also result in introduction of Trans Fats in the oil which are harmful to health.

  2. Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

    This type of oil is extracted at temperatures below 60 degree Celsius by applying mechanical pressure to the Groundnuts. This method helps in preserving the natural aroma, flavours and nutrients of the oil. So, in the following sections of this blog the benefits of Groundnut Oil are symbolic of the benefits of Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil.

Let us now discuss the benefits in details:

Nutritional Value of Groundnut Oil

The nutrition composition of Cols Pressed Groundnut Oil is as follows:

Besides the Macro-nutrients given above, Peanut oil is also rich in micronutrients like Vitamin E, Phytosterols and Omega-6 Fatty Acids, 

Health Benefits of Groundnut Oil

Owing to the nutritional composition, Groundnut Oil has following health benefits:

  1. Heart Health

    Various scientific researches have shown that using Groundnut oil for cooking purposes may improve heart health and reduce chances of heart disorders. Groundnut Oil is rch in Vitamin E, Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA) and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) which lower the risk of heart disease. Moreover, groundnut oil is cholesterol free. The unsaturated fats available in it help in lowering LDL cholesterol and increase HDL Cholesterol adding to the cardiovascular health.

  2. Antioxidant Properties

    Cold Pressed Groundnut oil is rich in Phytophenols and Vitamin E which act as Antioxidants reducing the oxidative stress in the body. The antioxidants have anti-ageing properties and prevent the body from the risk degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of the antioxidants supports joint health and provides releif in certain types of Arthritis like- Rheumatoid arthritis. 

  3. Diabetes Control

    Groundnut oil is considered good for diabetics. The unsaturated fats present in it improve Insulin sensitivity in the body. Also, Oleic Acid present in Peanut oil promotes Insulin production and help control type 2 Diabetes.

  4. Skin and Hair Health

    Groundnut oil has several benefits for skin and hair as well. It helps in moisturization, reduces the signs of ageing, helps in the treatment of Scalp Psoriasis and strengthens hair. Topical massage with groundnut oil helps in blood circulation in the body and improves the skin health.

Cooking and Culinary Advantages of Groundnut Oil

With a smoking point around 232 degree Celsius, another benefit of Groundnut Oil is it’s applicability in a varied cooking methods. It is equally suitable for Sauteing, Deep Frying, and Grilling. Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil has an added advantage of the mild nutty flavours and aroma of raw peanuts that just improves upon the taste and feel of the dishes.


To conclude, Groundnut oil is a highly recommended cooking oil to be included in your daily diet. But, while choosing groundnut oil for consumption always look for Cold Pressed Groundnut oils to gain the benefits of the oil.

However, despite all the benefits of the oil, it is always advisable to consume Groundnut oil in moderation as, just like any other cooking oil, it is also a Calorie-dense oil which can contribute to your overall Calorie intake. So, we recommend to include Groundnut oil as part of a balanced diet in your daily routine. 

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