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Puvi Cold Pressed Gingelly / Sesame Oil - 5 Litre

Our variety of seeds are much superior and expensive than the commonly seen dark black ones. But it gives a really better aroma, keeping quality, enhancement to food taste and benefits. The difference will be obvious. We also do not use old stocks that require Aluminum Phosphide fumigation for storage pests. Our unique processes gives an oil that smells fresh even after months. The result is an oil that children to elders can enjoy - whether it's to cook or for a body massage. The oil is unrefined and clarified using time consuming, expensive natural sedimentation. This keeps nutrients fully intact. 

  • Made to be less pungent and smooth, will enhance food taste. Child friendly.
  • Most suited for sautéing, dosa, variety rice, poriyal, veg side dishes, gravy, sambar, chutneys etc. For deep frying, use our groundnut oil.
  • Great for body/hair massage and oil pulling. Helps get glowing smooth skin, strong bones and teeth. Especially useful for children.
  • Unique variety of seeds superior than the common black variety. Smooth but potent.
  • Made with pride by a farmer. Quality is a matter of conscience!

0.5 Litre
₹ 375 400
1 Litre
₹ 599 700
5 Litre
₹ 2320 2600

Quantity :   
Total : ₹ 2320.00

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How to Use

  • Sauteing
  • Vinaigrette for Salad
  • Oil Pulling
  • Massage
  • Skin Care

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